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Belz Law, PLLC takes pride in our comprehensive estate planning services. We understand you have a choice with it comes to choosing who will assist you with estate plan. Our goal is to listen to our client's needs, educate them on their options, and then execute the client's estate plan with instruments that represent the clients intent, wishes, and the best way to protect their assets and legacy.

Our services are designed to help you during your lifetime, and to assist your family and loved ones with managing your estate after you have passed.

To help understand some estate planning services available to our clients, we want to offer some brief definitions of what those instruments are and how they work.

Last Will and Testament: This is an instrument that allows an individual to distribute their assets, real property, and tanginle personal property to beneficiaries. If you die without a Will then the individuals who receive your assets will be determined by Florida law. In addition to distribution of your estate, you can also dictate burial or cremation wishes, arrangements for care and maintenance for your pets, and designate guardians for your minor children.

People may feel they don't have an estate that requires a Will. However, if you have children, own property, or have assets you would like to pass to specific beneficaries, then this instrument can help you accomplish that goal.

Trust: A fiduciary arrangement that allows a trustee to be designated to hold assets on the beneficiary's behalf. Trusts can be revocable and allow assets to be placed in or out of the trust and not able to be reached by Grantor.

Durable Power of Attorney: This legal arrangement allows an individual to give authority to a third party to act on behalf of that individual when they cannot do the act themselves.

Preneed Guardianship Designation: This allows an individal to provide their preferences for a guardian of the property or of the person, should that individual need a guardian in the future.

Deed of Real Property to Trust: This allows the owners of the property to transfer the property to the trustee(s) of the trust, in order to place their property asset in the trust.

Enhanced Life Estate Deed (Ladybird Deed): This allows the property owner to give themselves a life estate in the property, where they are free to sell, lease, and enjoy all of the rights of the property during their lifetime. If they still own the home at their passing, this deed allows the property to transfer ownership to the person or persons designated on the deed.