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A guardianship is necessary when an incapacitated person needs someone to manage his or her property interests or medical care and did not adequately plan for those needs. It is an arrangement where the court appoints someone as guardian to take legal responsibility and authority over another person, called a ward. The ward is usually a minor, disabled adult or incapacitated senior.

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Which guardianship is right for you?

Guardianships are established to provide assistance based on the needs of the incapacitated person. Medical experts appointed by the court evaluate the alleged incapacitated person to determine what rights to be be removed or delegated.

  • Guardian of property-this person manages the finances and property of their ward.
  • Guardian of the person-a guardian of the person manages the ward's health care and personal needs.
  • Professional guardian-a professional guardian is hired to look after a ward. They're usually hired if a suitable family member can't take on the role.

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